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Dragon Day   Leave a comment

I declare today as dragon day.  I have a number of pictures with dragons it it.   Some with a dragon being very fierce and some with them as a pet or a familiar.  Dragons are considered to be fierce and strong, intelligent and sometimes having a human form.   I’ve read stories where dragons are the enemy and others where the dragon it good and helpful.   Either way they are at the top of the food chain.  Other dragon kin are Drakes and Waverns.     According to the Dungeons and Dragons world there are two types of Dragons.  There are the good dragons that are all metallic colours like bronze, silver, copper etc.   Then there are the evil dragons that are normal colours like red, blue, black etc.   Not all dragons breath fire either.    Some breath a poisonous gas and others breath lightning making there be a great variety of dragons.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

This pic was titled Dragon Mage.   My thoughts on this one is either the dragon is her familiar or she is controlling the dragon with something magical or a spell.