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Well now it’s time for me to deal with summer and all the joys that brings in fairy land.   I thought this pic was bright and colourful even if it was a bit cutesy.   The longest day of the year happens in June which would be the summer solstice.    The famous play “Midsummer”s Night Dream”  done by Shakespeare I believe takes place that night, where all the fae come out and dance, sing, eat and celebrate.  Here is another pic by the same artist as the one above.

Here is a little poem I wrote about summer fairies.  It doesn’t have a title but it was fun to write.   Not my best work but still nice.

The pixie dances in a ray of light

She sways and bows then turns to flight.

I hear her voice like a bell on the wind

While she flies she shows us her pixie grin.

From buttercup to buttercup she does fly

Sprinkling pixie dust in the sky.

From sun to rain and rain to storm

A leaf umbrella’s her tiny form.

Dance dance, play and sing

To feel joy in everything.

Posted April 30, 2011 by Sweetrivers in fairies, fairy, fantasy, Holidays, Summer